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Simplify your sharing

Now you can share individual pages from any public or private workspace effortlessly.

Are you fed up with an inconvenient, borderline non-existent sharing process? Concerned about maintaining the privacy of certain content? Through Dex, you can share what you want directly, without any concerns. Straight from Notion.

For the biggest, baddest knowledge bases or tiny pages.

Doesn't matter if you're:

  • Establishing company wikis
  • Setting up community resource hubs
  • Managing job boards
  • Planning event agendas
  • Curating CVs, resumes, and portfolios
  • Preparing pitch decks
  • Organizing data rooms
  • Mapping product roadmaps

These features are available to you no matter what Notion plan you're on. While Dex may appear straightforward, it offers a comprehensive solution to your problems by gathering important metrics and feedback about your content and its usage in the background.

Key usage metrics

Stay updated with your content and maintain the relevance of your Notion resources.

Experience comprehensive analytics and real-time updates with absolutely no delays or waiting periods. Utilize data as it's generated. With real-time analytics, observe and understand activities as they unfold.

Open rates only indicate when your email is opened by Gmail, not your shared user. Moreover, it doesn't track when your email is shared outside of the email platform or specific links clicked within the body. Dex, on the other hand, does.

Presentations at scale

Turn any Notion content into a beautiful presentation in seconds. Depending on your content this can make it easier to digest, understand and share.

Stop wasting time with old strategies

Great for sales

The majority of sales transactions occur independently of the sales rep. Deals are commonly made or broken in between communication, hence it's crucial to equip buyers with a Dex link for effortless internal marketing of your product.

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Sharing and real time analytics for your Notion content.


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